Ana. Went home on 6/14/13


Ana came to us from another foster….just like our past fosters.  Ana’s foster at the time got her when she was only 8 months old.  The foster mom was getting ready to move, which meant she didn’t have time to take Ana to adoption events.  For two whole months poor Ana was not getting exposed!  :cry:  When it came time for the family to actually up and move, Jena’s Place was notified and took Ana in.  I fell in love when I first saw her, she has the sweetest face.  That following Saturday we arrived at PetCo for our usual event, and within the first 30 minutes a family was interested.  I thought, this is too easy!

This family already had a golden retriever at home and they wanted a play mate for her.  The couple went home to get their retriever and brought her to PetCo to meet Ana.  They did well together.  Since the initial greeting went well they seemed very interested.  The retriever was their first dog, ever.  So obviously they were still learning a lot about dogs.  I told them I would be happy to come by their house so they could see Ana in action.  I spent an hour at their house one rainy Sunday afternoon, and everything went well…so I thought.  Almost everything was finished, the application, the vet call…..  When it came time to complete the home visit, we called, and called.  We never got an answer, or a call back.  This was very upsetting, after investing all the volunteer’s time, and not even a call back to say they’d had a change of heart.  BUT this is just how it goes sometimes.  :-?  Then you have to tell yourself, it doesn’t matter because this all happened for a reason.  Ana, several weeks later found her forever home after several trips to the dog park and PetCo.  Ana is with her new family as of Friday 14th, and is making a little boy very happy right now.

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