Cleo. Went home on 8/17/13


Cleo was pulled from a kill shelter in West Virginia.  This was a real eye opener for me, because like most overrun, kill shelters, they kill everyday. :cry:   But for most of us, out of sight out of mind.  Well this was in plain sight and I could only save one.  How do we choose our dogs you might ask…..  Well, Cleo was a gut feeling.  I had no intention on fostering over the busy summer months, but fate had something different in mind….. This joyful pup was meant to make a family very happy.

How her journey began:
I have a good network of friends in the dog community that are fiercely trying to save lives everyday.  So as you can imagine I see a lot of dogs that have seen their last days.  Again, I had convinced myself that I was going to hold off on fostering for the summer because, let face it, it’s a busy time for the boarding business.  As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one evening, I saw several posts for dogs that are scheduled to be put down within the next few days.  I saw one…after another, and then I came to “Sweetie”.  With no other thoughts or emotions, I knew I had to save this pup.  So we arranged for transport and luckily one of my wonderful rescue friends drove to the Virginia line to pick her up for me.  Once we got “Sweetie” she had to be spayed, and receive all of her shots, along with a microchip.  After all this was done, she needed a more suitable name.  So we asked our clients and our friends to help us out.  We settled on Cleo, short for Cleopatra.  A regal name for a beautiful pup.

Saturday after Saturday at Petco and several days at the dog park had passed, as they often do, before all the stars could align in Cleo’s favor.  The Saturday she found her family I actually wasn’t there.  I had her Auntie Jena (spelled like mine, but pronounced like “Gina”) take her for me, the same friend who went to Virginia to pick her up.  I knew how important the events were and I couldn’t stand for her to miss one because of my schedule.  Every saturday the kids of the Smith family had asked to go in and see the dogs, and mom & dad always said no…that is until this fine Saturday.  Low and behold, on this day the kids of the Smith family got their wish.  In a nut shell Miss Cleo is very lucky to have not one, but two Jena’s that made it possible for her to find her way into a family and out of a shelter.

Ana. Went home on 6/14/13


Ana came to us from another foster….just like our past fosters.  Ana’s foster at the time got her when she was only 8 months old.  The foster mom was getting ready to move, which meant she didn’t have time to take Ana to adoption events.  For two whole months poor Ana was not getting exposed!  :cry:  When it came time for the family to actually up and move, Jena’s Place was notified and took Ana in.  I fell in love when I first saw her, she has the sweetest face.  That following Saturday we arrived at PetCo for our usual event, and within the first 30 minutes a family was interested.  I thought, this is too easy!

This family already had a golden retriever at home and they wanted a play mate for her.  The couple went home to get their retriever and brought her to PetCo to meet Ana.  They did well together.  Since the initial greeting went well they seemed very interested.  The retriever was their first dog, ever.  So obviously they were still learning a lot about dogs.  I told them I would be happy to come by their house so they could see Ana in action.  I spent an hour at their house one rainy Sunday afternoon, and everything went well…so I thought.  Almost everything was finished, the application, the vet call…..  When it came time to complete the home visit, we called, and called.  We never got an answer, or a call back.  This was very upsetting, after investing all the volunteer’s time, and not even a call back to say they’d had a change of heart.  BUT this is just how it goes sometimes.  :-?  Then you have to tell yourself, it doesn’t matter because this all happened for a reason.  Ana, several weeks later found her forever home after several trips to the dog park and PetCo.  Ana is with her new family as of Friday 14th, and is making a little boy very happy right now.

Pepe. Went home on 4/20/13


Pepe came to us already having an adoption application on him.  As things sometimes do, it fell through.  The following Saturday Pepe and I attended the 2013 Purina Lowes Foods Adopt-A-Pet event in Mooresville.  Mr. Pepe got a lot of attention there that day, because he is so handsome, but someone else had been eyeing him all day.  That someone would be the sweet young girl in this photo, who was selling hot dogs at the event to raise money for all the rescues.  I think she spent all day praying that he wouldn’t get adopted so she could beg her daddy after the event was over.  ;-)  Well, her praying paid off and Pepe went to his rightful home a week later.



Rosie. Went home on 3/30/13


Rosie has to be one of the sweetest dogs with the biggest heart.  This Boston Terrier, Jack Russel mutt was rescued from a high kill shelter and had a horrible case of mange.  Rosie was bounced around a few times before she made it to Jena’s Place for Paws.  This lovable pooch was misunderstood, and craving a forever home to spread all the love and joy she had to offer.

Rosie was with us well over two months and was starting to think we were her forever family.  One Saturday morning before our usual PetCo adoption event I decided to have coffee with a friend.  I started telling her how I was feeling a little discouraged about Rosie not finding a home yet. Before we parted ways that morning she told me, “today is the day”.  I thought to myself, I wish. :roll:  Well sure enough at the very end of the day someone had their eye on Rosie.  She ended up getting adopted by a family that I actually knew from my days of working at the vet’s office.  We were all so happy that Rosie had finally found a home.

About a month later, I had signed up to take on a new foster. That very day I was going to pick up the new pup I got the call that Rosie wasn’t a good match for the family and I had to go get her right away.  This was very sad news and even more discouraging.  I told myself that all these things happen for a reason, and I do believe that.  Well, that very next Saturday Rosie went to her forever home where she is more loved than ever before.  They even let her on the couch, her favorite.  :mrgreen:

How It All Began


It all started with Foxy.  She was my first “foster”, or so I thought.  In reality she was my dog and I didn’t even know it yet.  Foxy came from the Lincolnton County Shelter.  I knew I wanted to start fostering and so I went to the shelter to pick out one lucky dog.  I quickly choose Foxy based on shear luck, or fate ;)

Although Foxy was our so called “foster failure”, she was definitely a success story.  By putting Share If You Care into place, Jena’s Place for Paws hopes to help dogs like Foxy find the wonderful home they each deserve.