Cleo. Went home on 8/17/13


Cleo was pulled from a kill shelter in West Virginia.  This was a real eye opener for me, because like most overrun, kill shelters, they kill everyday. :cry:   But for most of us, out of sight out of mind.  Well this was in plain sight and I could only save one.  How do we choose our dogs you might ask…..  Well, Cleo was a gut feeling.  I had no intention on fostering over the busy summer months, but fate had something different in mind….. This joyful pup was meant to make a family very happy.

How her journey began:
I have a good network of friends in the dog community that are fiercely trying to save lives everyday.  So as you can imagine I see a lot of dogs that have seen their last days.  Again, I had convinced myself that I was going to hold off on fostering for the summer because, let face it, it’s a busy time for the boarding business.  As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one evening, I saw several posts for dogs that are scheduled to be put down within the next few days.  I saw one…after another, and then I came to “Sweetie”.  With no other thoughts or emotions, I knew I had to save this pup.  So we arranged for transport and luckily one of my wonderful rescue friends drove to the Virginia line to pick her up for me.  Once we got “Sweetie” she had to be spayed, and receive all of her shots, along with a microchip.  After all this was done, she needed a more suitable name.  So we asked our clients and our friends to help us out.  We settled on Cleo, short for Cleopatra.  A regal name for a beautiful pup.

Saturday after Saturday at Petco and several days at the dog park had passed, as they often do, before all the stars could align in Cleo’s favor.  The Saturday she found her family I actually wasn’t there.  I had her Auntie Jena (spelled like mine, but pronounced like “Gina”) take her for me, the same friend who went to Virginia to pick her up.  I knew how important the events were and I couldn’t stand for her to miss one because of my schedule.  Every saturday the kids of the Smith family had asked to go in and see the dogs, and mom & dad always said no…that is until this fine Saturday.  Low and behold, on this day the kids of the Smith family got their wish.  In a nut shell Miss Cleo is very lucky to have not one, but two Jena’s that made it possible for her to find her way into a family and out of a shelter.

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