Rosie. Went home on 3/30/13


Rosie has to be one of the sweetest dogs with the biggest heart.  This Boston Terrier, Jack Russel mutt was rescued from a high kill shelter and had a horrible case of mange.  Rosie was bounced around a few times before she made it to Jena’s Place for Paws.  This lovable pooch was misunderstood, and craving a forever home to spread all the love and joy she had to offer.

Rosie was with us well over two months and was starting to think we were her forever family.  One Saturday morning before our usual PetCo adoption event I decided to have coffee with a friend.  I started telling her how I was feeling a little discouraged about Rosie not finding a home yet. Before we parted ways that morning she told me, “today is the day”.  I thought to myself, I wish. :roll:  Well sure enough at the very end of the day someone had their eye on Rosie.  She ended up getting adopted by a family that I actually knew from my days of working at the vet’s office.  We were all so happy that Rosie had finally found a home.

About a month later, I had signed up to take on a new foster. That very day I was going to pick up the new pup I got the call that Rosie wasn’t a good match for the family and I had to go get her right away.  This was very sad news and even more discouraging.  I told myself that all these things happen for a reason, and I do believe that.  Well, that very next Saturday Rosie went to her forever home where she is more loved than ever before.  They even let her on the couch, her favorite.  :mrgreen:

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